5018 Cadena Mountain St


P.O. Box 154

San Ignacio


Central America


Belize: gogreenbelize@gmail.com

Dominica: gogreendominica@gmail.com

Germany: gogreendeutschland@gmail.com

S.O.L.I.D. GmbH Austria

Commercial Solar Thermal Systems




Fronius International GmbH, Austria

Inverters and Energy Storage Systems

Service Partner for Fronius Inverters



Heckert Solar GmbH, Germany

Commercial PV Solar Systems

Steca Elektronik GmbH, Germany

Solar Charger, Off-Grid and Grid-Connected Inverters

Solar Freezer

S:FLEX GmbH, Germany

Solar Mounting Systems

NeoVenti GmbH

Roll Wind Generators 

Dhybrid, Power Systems, Gauting, Germany

Hybrid Systems


Bluesky Energy 

Solar Powered Water Pumps

Aquatron International AB Sweden

Compost Toilet Systems

Architecture and Project Managament Ltd., Belize

Architecture and Engineering plans

Partners and Suppliers: