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GREENROCK Container for water treatment in the Caribbean

6th. August, 2019

GREENROCK Container for water treatment in the Caribbean

We deliver a 105 kWh GREENROCK saltwater battery placed in a container for the Caribbean island of Dominica. It’s power is used for water treatment and clean drinking water.

The battery Storage system  is placed in the capital Roseau in the southern parts of the island. Our local partner currently installes 95kWp photovoltaic panels with battery storage. Afterwards he will connect the GREENROCK container including battery storage. The batteries secure the power supply during the night hours. Together, PV and storage provide drinking water and sanitation services to the Dominica Water and Sewerage Company (DOWASCO).

Background about Dominica

Dominica lies between Guadeloupe and Martinique. Especially the environmental protection is important on the island. Politics market the island as “The Nature Island” and it has a lot to offer in this regard. The tropical rainforest has been an Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997. There are fog and mangrove forests, lots of water and hot springs heated by the island’s nine volcanoes. Hydropower, geothermal energy and solar power provide an expandable alternative to the previously used diesel generators.

With 42 cents (USD) per kilowatt hour, the Dominicans have the highest electricity costs in the Caribbean. By comparison, the kilowatt-hour of electricity in Trinidad and Tobago costs just 5 cents (USD).

What was done so far?

DOWASCO places a 95 kWh PV system at it’s company premises. It is partly built up at the company building, on carports and on the ground. While the solar panels were already on the way from Germany to the Caribbean, BlueSky Energy and Go Green Belize – as the executing company – prepared the container for the environmentally friendly and safe battery storage based on salt water electrolyte.







DOWASCO premisis: here the pV modules find place on car ports, building and ground. The shippment from Europe just arrived in the red container.

We put white, heat-repellent paint to the originally blue shipping container. As a result, the temperature in the interior reduced by more than 10 degrees Celsius in direct sunlight. Additional shading is provided by PV modules, which are placed on the roof of the container after delivery in Roseau.












The pictures above show the delivery of the container at BlueSky’s energy adress in Austria. Battery modules are placed inside and secured for transport.

Inside the container is a 105 kWh GREENROCK business storage. It consists of a cabinet with power electronics and 4 battery modules each with 30 and 15 kWh capacity. Inverter, cabling and fuses are already installed and configured with in the electronic cabinet. An intelligent energy management system offers further possibilities to optimize your own consumption and is integrated in all GREENROCK systems. Placing the battery units and electric cabinet in the container was easy and fast with a forklift. Now, electronics and battery modules are already prepared for transport and connection to the photovoltaic system.










Container and GREENROCK battery storage are ready for shipment.

What’s next?

In the third week of August 2019, the container with the GREENROCK Business Storage will arrive at the port of Roseau. Until then, the PV modules will be fully installed and the photovoltaic system will be operating. Then the container is set-up and connected to the grid. Only small openings on the container shell are needed to make the cable connection. The storage in the container is already fully configured and ready for connection. In the event that it gets very hot, an additional air conditioner secures the operating temperature in the container. Salt water batteries have a very wide temperature range. They operate from -5 ° C to + 50 ° C and are therefore ideal for applications in hot areas.

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